Matthew Gregory


I don’t just build websites, I build your business!

Matthew Gregory


I don’t just build websites, I build your business!

You take the risks
You make the difference
You step out into the unknown
You forge the path

I’m here to help tell your story and launch your product or service out to the world.

I give you the tools to do so, with beautiful, mobile friendly websites, and back them up with a full suite of marketing services.

In Demand Skills

  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web App Development
  • Customer Happiness

Years Of Experience Put To Work For You

I bring over 10 years of online marketing experience to the table.

I’ve worked in many capacities from project manager, to web developer, to seo content writer. I have operated as a deadline-driven freelancer, and have been a member of high-powered development teams for multiple international corporations.

And now I can put that experience to work for you!


Web Design

Websites that legitimize your business with a professional image online, are conversion focused, that generate subscribers for your email list, and fill your funnel.

Sales Funnels

Customized, customer driven, intelligent, online sales processes designed to build your email list and create repeat buyers.


SEO is an investment for the long term. It takes time to build and optimize, but once momentum is built it can generate sales for the life of the business.

Paid Advertising

Once you have your message honed and sales funnel primed, send targeted, hyper specific traffic to your landing pages.

Email Marketing

The bedrock of any viable, online business and the most valuable asset that you will own.

Local Services

Local services help drive sales to get that register ringing. Citations, Map Profiles, Reputation Management, & Review Building Strategies get put you on the map.

How Sales Funnels Can Transform Your Business

Elevate your business, build your list, reach the right audience, and take users through your product line, extracting as much money as you can every step of the way.

Testimonial 3 - Lex Chilton

“Matthew was a go to guy I could always ask questions to, or get assistance when working on design projects. He was quick to help and made sure I got my questions answered or the help I needed. He got a great attitude and is a team player. He’d be a welcome addition to your team or project.”

Lex Chilton
Art Director & Illustrator at WR Group, Inc.

Testimonial 6 - Berta Luna

“Matthew is a great professional. He’s dedicated and passionate about his field. He always responds with a positive attitude to our requests. I appreciated his technical know-how and it is a pleasure working with him!”

Berta Luna Vilalta
Multilingual Communication Professional

Testimonial 5 - Bill Sigler

“It’s rare to see a developer do other things well, like graphic design, SEO, content marketing, but even more rare to see such skills guided, as Matthew’s are, by a vision of the future that’s immense, magnetic and positive.

Matthew is possessed of extraordinary skills and intellect, but what makes him so unique is his capacity to see the best in the people he works with, and create and actualize with them a shared future.”

Bill Sigler
Senior Writer at Capital Group

Testimonial 1 - Carol Watters

“Developing a website is a challenge to say the least. Trying to find the balance of “your vision” and the “developers vision” and then turning it into a webpage can be very frustrating and expensive. After several years and two other website developers, we finally found Matthew Gregory. He listens and understands what you want and then knows how to turn your ideas into reality.

Mathew is very reliable and when he gives you a timeline and a price, he does it. Amazing! If you’re the adventurous type that intends to do your own updates, he will spend the time necessary to teach you how to do that. Matthew is also very knowledge about SEO. We found Matthew to be very personable and fun to work with and would highly recommend him for your website development.”

Carol Watters
Hoel’s Indian Shop
Sedona ~ Arizona

Testimonial 2 - Greg L. Brown

“I have known Matthew Gregory for over a decade, and have always been impressed with his creativity and professionalism. Never short of ideas, Matthew continues to provide support while additionally bringing a game changing professional attitude and passion to his work reflective within his own character.

I have also consulted with Matthew while in the conceptual stages of business development and digital marketing. I was very impressed with his talent in providing clarity to complex business strategies, which allowed us to see very quickly the entire ‘food chain’ of choosing a particular approach.”

Greg L. Brown
Principal Puredwelling LLC

Testimonial 4 - Michael Goldberg

“Matthew is a fantastic team member to work with. He holds a deep knowledge of front-end design principles.

Matthew not only helped see websites through redesigns and constant maintenance and testing, but he also maintained and built an infrastructure for a network of microsites based primarily on WordPress and PHP, further emphasizing his flexibility and understanding of other languages.

Matthew has a great attitude toward getting a job done with efficiency and speed, always concerned with the details as well as the big picture. I would highly recommend Matthew for any project or as an addition to any company.”

Michael Goldberg
Sr. Front-End Developer at WR Group


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