If you ever have watched the TV show Shark Tank you see would be entrepreneurs looking for funding from some of the world’s best and biggest multi-millionaire and -billionaire moguls. It’s seriously good entertainment. I would feel the heat when one of the characters, Mr. Wonderful shoots down a seemingly good idea within 20 seconds. Or the pressure when offers are made and the clock is ticking. Seconds seem like hours.

The Coffee Shop Culture

Musicians play at The Laughing Goat coffee shop in Boulder Colorado

Musicians play at The Laughing Goat coffee shop
in Boulder Colorado, Photo By Morgan Varon

Then I moved to Boulder Colorado. When I first moved there, before I rented space in one of the city’s finest coworking spaces (Fuse at the Riverside) I would usually post up at a coffee shop. Boulder has so many amazing cafes I got spoiled. I love the coffee shop culture there. Students cramming for finals, the coolest music playing, often live bands, jazz, art, culture, innovation. I was hooked.

Everyday, Every Cafe, Awesome Stuff is Happening

One thing that struck me, was almost every day, every coffee shop I went into, there was a mini episode of Shark Tank playing live. Sometimes I would over hear in passing. Sometimes I would be sat directly next to the show. Some would be entrepreneur was pitching his or her brilliant idea to a potential investor. “I’m looking for $150,000 for a 30% equity stake in my automated laundry service business.” The business owner would run down the market analysis, the USP (unique selling position), share the excitement he has for his passion project. And the potential investor would raise objections and concerns, just like the sharks.

The Greater Denver Area a Great Place To Launch

I took a call one time, and my client could hear in the background the pitch. I said, “oh yeah, this happens all the time.” After I was there a while I learned that Colorado, and especially the Greater Denver Area which Boulder is a part of being only on 30 minutes away, is one of the best places in the United States to launch a business. If you search for Top Cities To Start a Business, you can see. Just by having my boots on the ground there, and feeling the excitement and buzz, I would certainly agree.

If you ever visit, stop in at the Laughing Goat on the other side of Pearl, and have an Americano. You just might catch a live show!