Managed Security (Firewall + CDN)

$15.00 / month

Security and speed.

Enterprise quality, at an affordable price.

Advanced security protection through a professional grade WAF (Web Application Firewall) to keep your site protected.

Plus a lightning fast CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Bringing a secure site to your visitors, fast.

For mission critical sites.

Enterprise Website Security & DDoS Protection

Protect your websites, applications, APIs, and more from the Internet’s worst vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks worldwide.

Improve the speed of your website while making it nearly impenetrable from hackers and prying eyes. Protect from DDoS attacks, SQL injection, cross site scripting and more. Sleep safe that your site, data and everything else is being continually monitored and filtered through the most rigorous safe guards.

Layer 7 DDoS Attacks
All incoming traffic is constantly measured and if a threshold is exceeded an attack is suspected and all traffic is challenged to verify it is coming from a human.
Cross-site Scripting
Block attackers from injecting client-side scripts into web pages to bypass typical access controls and dupe end users.
Automated Traffic (Bots)
State-of-the-art detection technologies, including device fingerprinting, protects against automated traffic with an unparalleled level of precision and control.
SQL Injection
Protect against malicious SQL statements being entered into input fields and executed by an underlying SQL database of a vulnerable website or application.
OWASP Top 10 Threats
Policies protecting against the top ten security threats identified by the Open Web Application Security Project active by default.

Speed Up your Content Delivery

Accelerate your website by over 68% to grow revenue and reach visitors globally. With our high performance Content Delivery Network (CDN), your website will be delivered from all over the world at lightning speeds.

Deliver All Around the World

An advanced, high-performance network keeps your content right next to your end users worldwide.

Intelligent Caching
Insightful caching policies keeps content available at the edge longer.
All PoPs Included
Every edge location within the advanced global network is included with every subscription, with no additional charges for using the whole map or any specific region.