Performance Web Hosting

$11.99 / month

Best-in-Class, optimized, lightning fast, reliable, performance hosting that works for you!


We don't believe in excuses only performance. You need your hosting to work for you. We only offer lightning fast and extensively optimized, performance hosting.

In a game of inches, small incremental improvements can mean the difference between a customer that bounces after 5 seconds and a successful cart checkout!

We replace the standard, tired, Apache server for LiteSpeed Web Server. This is seamless to you, but results in real gains in performance across the board. And if you're operating a WordPress website, LiteSpeed offers a FREE, companion plugin to further take advantage of an array of advanced caching options.

Watch your speed metrics soar. Experience the difference a fast server can do.

And stop getting throttled by your shared hosting plans, and step into the world of performance today!

Storage 5GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Subdomains 10
Addon Domains 3
Databases 5
E-mail Addresses 10
cPanel Accounts 1
Support 24/7
Web Server LiteSpeed Web Server with LiteSpeed Cache
LiteSpeed WordPress Plugin Capable
Solid State Drive (SSD) hardware
Multi-core CPU
Caching LiteSpeed Cache
PHP accelerator APC/OPcache
Powered by Memcache
Security Free SSL certificates by Let's Encrypt
Software Latest Versions of PHP, MySQL, cPanel
Benefits 99.9% Uptime Commitment
Fast, reliable, customer support
Free Site Migration
Website Statistics

Optional Optimization Service

Having an optimized server is the first step. We can help you unlock more speed with a custom tailored, optimization and configuration plan. We'll properly minify your CSS and JS while prioritizing assets. Seamlessly compress your images with sacrificing quality. Remove unneeded, core, bloated libraries. Reduce requests. And show you benchmarks before and after, so you know exactly what has been done.

Improve your Google Page Speed, Pingdom Tools, and GTmetrix scores, while giving your customers an experience they'll enjoy!

Add Extra Insurance with Off-site Backups

By default, on-site backups will be setup on your site if they’re not already. But having off-site backups adds one more layer of insurance. If something unforseen takes your site down, you will always have a copy of your database and files stored in a secure off-site location, that can be used to restore your site in a pinch.

File backups are backed up weekly and keep for 2 months. Database backups are backed up daily and kept for 2 months. And if at anytime you need to rollback your site to a previous version, this can be quickly achieved with the click of a button.

** Note: Screenshots above are from an actual customer with the Turbo Boost option. We feel this is an accurate idea of what is reasonably to be expected. But ultimately results may vary and we make no explicit guarantees of any performance increases.
*** If you are not satisfied within 1 week after setup and migration is complete, we will refund the entire amount including setup fee.