Epic World Market

Health People Healthy Planet

The Concept

Epic World Market, began through a casual conversation and a sketch in a notebook. The vision was big, the scope grand. Deliver the highest quality health and personal development products, addressing the mind, body and spirit, while making a massive impact on a global stage.

Our Role

When the client brought us the idea, requesting our help on all levels (branding, marketing strategy, social media, content creation, web design, search engine optimization, and paid advertising) we jumped at the chance to put our stamp on the project and let our team do what it does best.

A Conscious Business

A Big Vision

Building Value Through Values

E-commerce Evolved

Mobile E-commerce

We want to meet potential shoppers in the ways easiest for them, whatever device they happen to be using.

E-commerce Meets Social Media

Giving shoppers the ability to rate products is a given. But but tightly integrating selling and social media can lead to massive gains over simple share buttons.

Metrics & Analytics

Laying down a solid framework backed by hard data and constantly monitored tracking metrics over time, can shorten the path from start to sale.

  • Branding 95%
  • Marketing Strategy 84%
  • Social Media Management 73%
  • Web Design 86%

Synthesis & Synergy

Throughout the process we listened to our client’s needs and business goals. We helped hone the message, the look and feel, the channels to target, the social networks to utilize, and designed a beautiful website to sell high quality health and personal development products on.

It’s enjoyable to collaborate, build that synergy and create something truly amazing!

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