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North Star HQ

North Star HQ is a high performance marketing company in Denver, Colorado.

The task was simple. Migrate the site to a new hosting company.

Slam Dunk on the migration, but during the process we started noticing glaring problems inherited from the previous developer. Overuse of plugins, inline styles on every page, ginormous, mobile killer images. Ouch!

It turned out that if anyone would hope to manage it, either on the development side or content creation side, clearly some maintenance would be needed.

We retooled the backend, put those images on a diet, streamlined the mobile experience, disabled the mountain of unused plugins, and trashed 30+ duplicate posts and pages. And in the end, everyone rejoiced!

Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence. Be wary out there. Price is always a factor in web design services. But not the only one.

North Star HQ has a long standing, nugget packed blog on marketing, social media, and basically leveling up your business. They also have a regularly scheduled podcast that’s just as awesome. Be sure to check it out.

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Client: North Star HQ
Location: Denver, Colorado
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