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Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

Tlaquepaque is a unique, charming place to visit. You truly feel transported to another time and place.

We took the time to listen to Partner and General Manager, Wendy Lippman’s vision, understanding the multiple aspects and goals the village aims to achieve. And to experience her business fully, we dinned at the restaurants, grabbed a beer at the local pub, went to a Farmer’s market, and meandered through the world renowned galleries.

When we began, a site redesign wasn’t the focus. Maintenance was. But it was clear early on, that they would forever be limited by the constraints of the sub part platform the previous developer choose for them. We empathized with her situation, having heard that story far too often.

As we added features to the site, overhauled their e-mail marketing, began advertising, she began to see an overhaul was needed. We were excited to get the green light to begin the redesign!

The site was a big hit! We were pleased to breathe life back into their online presence, wow the thousands of visitors to their site every month, and have their image match the awesomeness of their unique village.

We love it when synergy meets synthesis and everything is taken to the next level!

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Client: Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village
Location: Sedona, Arizona
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